A Tale For Christmas

"A Tale for Christmas - Zach’s Quest" is a holiday action-adventure story of an unlikely hero who faces overwhelming odds and is forced to grow in strength and character so that he can save the holiday from the forces of evil. It is a heart-warming adventure of growth, friendship, trust, and sacrifice… values that should be reinforced in all children, especially at Christmas.

For centuries, elves at at the North Pole have built millions of toys for Santa to deliver to good children all around the world. Year after year, things have run smoothly. That is, until one Christmas when an elf named Zach accidentally breaks the Divine Reactor... the main device that powers Santa's entire winter workshop!

With only 48 hours till Christmas, Santa sends Zach on a perilous mission to the peak of Mount Frostbite where the little elf must recover a rare gemstone that is key to restoring the Divine Reactor. Zach must brave the harsh arctic environment that is filled with wild animals, severe weather, and even evil goblins. In the end, Zach will be forced to make an ultimate decision that will remind even Santa of the true meaning of Christmas.

As part of the effort to share his story, Matt worked with Santa to record a professional, narrated version of Zach’s Quest. The video, which includes all the artwork featured in the book, is available free-of-charge on youtube. Matt is working to share the video with Children’s Hospitals and other National and International Organizations so children in need can enjoy this heartwarming Christmas Adventure at no cost!

Please feel free to share the link… let’s make the video go viral!
Children’s Picture Book
While “A Tale for Christmas – Zach’s Quest” was originally written as a Young Adult Novel & Screenplay, we did hear back from friends, fans, and critics who stated they would love to see the story presented as a Children’s Picture Book as well.

We listened to your requests, and were happy to oblige. New for 2017 will be a full color children’s picture book that was illustrated and colored by veteran Disney artists Jeffrey Varabkanich and Irma Torre.
Young Adult Novel
This is the original story… the real deal… the full, detailed quest in all its magnificent glory! Ok, we may be going overboard, but in all honesty, this is a really fun read for those who want a little more detail, a little more character development, more plot twists and turns, and definitely a little more action. Also, it is broken into exactly 24 chapters so that parents can read it to their children as a “countdown to Christmas.” The book also features 21 black and white illustrations to complement the story.

Available in print, kindle, and iPad formats.
Finished Screenplay
The screenplay for “A Tale for Christmas – Zach’s Quest” is complete. Our desire for the film is to have it produced in 2D. We feel that that the story, characters, and overall message of the story can really be captured in the magic that occurs through hand-drawn animation in the classic Disney style. And since we recently completed the children’s picture book, we are able to present a “pitch-book” for the movie that is of the highest quality!
When any story is a commercial success, it’s important for publishers and film producers to know that there will be another project to capitalize on that success! And I know it just said “sequel” at the beginning of this paragraph, but our follow-up story to Zach’s Quest is actually a prequel that begins with Santa’s initial arrival at the North Pole, his meeting with the elves, and the difficulties he faced when first ”setting up shop.” Just like “Zach’s Quest” the prequel is a riveting action adventure with a strong moral message. The first draft of the screenplay was just completed in late December 2016.

As children, many of us couldn’t wait for the classic Rankin-Bass movies to air on TV. Films like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” "A Year without a Santa Claus,” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” were the symbols of Christmas to children the world over. All of these TV specials had a common theme. They all had a strong moral message that was delivered by magical Christmas characters in a wondrous winter environment. “A Tale for Christmas – Zach’s Quest” continues on in that wonderful tradition. One of Matt’s prized possessions is a hardcopy of his book, signed by Arthur Rankin, Jr. before he passed away.

Matt Dragovits

Jeffrey Varabkanich

Irma Torre